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2011 Fantasy Baseball

Alright, so I have finalized the settings for the fantasy league for this year. It is different in a few different ways. First, there is a 25-man roster. Second, point totals are a little varied so it will take a … Continue reading

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Advanced Defensive Metrics

I have always been a huge guy when it comes to baseball stats. I have followed and memorized numbers and stats as most hardcore baseball fans have. However, with the recent influx of advanced sabermetrics, I find myself behind the … Continue reading

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Some of the Best Baseball Nicknames, Past and Present

I wanted to start off my first post as very light, with basically a list of great nicknames of baseball players. Pretty much anyone involved in baseball knows that nicknames play a huge rule in identifying players and their abilities. … Continue reading

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A little about me.

Alright. So I am not the most skilled writer, or have the best opinions, but for the last month or two I have really been thinking about starting my own blog. I wanted to share my feelings about sports, mostly … Continue reading

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