A little about me.

Alright. So I am not the most skilled writer, or have the best opinions, but for the last month or two I have really been thinking about starting my own blog. I wanted to share my feelings about sports, mostly baseball, and even more specifically, my favourite team, the Toronto Blue Jays. I have begun to follow other bloggers of similar topics and even got myself situated on twitter. If you think my thoughts and opinions are worth a damn, then follow me http://www.twitter.com/blandy12.

For the most part I want to keep my posts to be taken lightly, with a little humour. If you have an opinion on my posts, I would love to hear it, and will respond to any or all criticism. I know I am not the most knowledgeable guy, but I do my research and I have a formidable background in the sport.

I doubt that I will be posting every day or even every other day, but I hope to post something at least twice a week. I hope you all enjoy, and I would love to hear from any of you who read my posts


About blandy12

Baseball has been my love since I was three years old. Now I finally have the courage to write about this passion. Share your comments please.
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