Jose Bautista’s 2011 Salary

In his fourth arbitration year, Jose Bautista is expecting a raise from his 2010 salary of $2.4 million. Some have said his salary will be in the $6-11 million range. Seeing as noone in baseball has ever had such a huge jump in power numbers from one season to the next, (Bautista went from 13 homeruns in 404 PA in 2009 to 54 HR in 683 PA in 2010) an arbitration case can be very difficult to estimate. There has not really been a comparable case go to arbitration, so my guess is as good as yours. Seeing as the Jays haven’t gone to arbitration in over a decade, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came to an agreement before Anthopolous’s set deadline for the seven remaining players who are arbitration eligible. Another thing that could happen would be that the Jays lock him up long term, and considering how AA likes to keep things so close to his chest, who really knows if these talks are in progress.

Ryan Howard received $10M in his first arbitration year, which was a record at the time. Could Joey Bats get this much? I doubt it. Howard had 129 HR, NL Rookie of the Year, and an MVP in the 2.5 seasons he played in the MLB leading up to that record salary. Prince Fielder got $7M in his first year eligible for arbitration, and that was as a 25 year old with over 100 homeruns in his first 3 years.

Judging a case like this is so difficult, but my guess is that if they do go to arbitration, Bautista’s camp will request in the neighbourhood of $10.5M and Anthopolous will counter with $7.5-8M.

I also think that Anthopolous will capitalize on a huge return at the deadline if Bautista comes even close to his production up until the trade deadline. Two top 100 prospects (possibly corner infield spots) and a young arm could maybe get the deal done.


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7 Responses to Jose Bautista’s 2011 Salary

  1. rides says:

    I like this ,

  2. Ian says:

    With the clock ticking on an arbitration settlement, part of me thinks that Bautista isn’t going to get a contract extension. If the Jays were going to lock him up, I truly believe they would’ve done it by now to avoid the giant raise he’s bound to get.

    Either that or the Jays are waiting to see what kind of a season Bautista will have in 2011, and maybe then they’ll work something out.

    • blandy12 says:

      The only reason I feel that an extension can be done, is because AA seems to be so unpredictable with some of his moves. You hear he is involved with every player available, but then all of a sudden he swings a move noone has ever thought of. They may already be close to a deal. However, I actually think they will wait to see how he performs in the first half, in which case, as sad as it may seem, it might be best to unload him for some highly touted prospects. That is actually my prediction.

      Later I will scour the interweb to find a suitable match if he can perform somewhere near his 2010 levels.

  3. Andy Mc says:

    I bet AA gets it done, for I have been praying hard.

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