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Jays Rotation for 2011

At the beginning of the off-season, it seemed as though Toronto’s rotation was pretty much set in stone, the only things to consider were the order that the pitchers would go. Then came the big shock of sending Shaun Marcum … Continue reading

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Bench Jobs for the 2011 Jays

I said I would get to the bench, and other components of their roster that heads north at the end of March, and I had planned on spreading it out over the next week or so. But, since I have … Continue reading

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Trickle Down Effect of Wells Trade

What do AA7 and John Farrell do with this lineup now? So many options and so much flexibility. In my head I have gone over probably 20 different lineups, and I can’t figure out which one is truly best. Of … Continue reading

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Bidding a proper fare-Wells

I know that he has taken a lot of flak for his huge contract. It is simply not his fault. Vernon Wells is one of the greatest Blue Jays of all time. His name is littered all over Blue Jays … Continue reading

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Vernon Wells traded to Angels for Napoli and Rivera

Mike Napoli was a name I recently saw that the Rays were interested in. I thought, “hey that’s not too bad of an idea.” Not altogether useless behind the plate, as he is a -2 WAR defensively over 5 years, … Continue reading

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Advanced Defensive Metrics

I have always been a huge guy when it comes to baseball stats. I have followed and memorized numbers and stats as most hardcore baseball fans have. However, with the recent influx of advanced sabermetrics, I find myself behind the … Continue reading

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Jose Bautista’s 2011 Salary

In his fourth arbitration year, Jose Bautista is expecting a raise from his 2010 salary of $2.4 million. Some have said his salary will be in the $6-11 million range. Seeing as noone in baseball has ever had such a … Continue reading

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